Mesk el-laïl - Le Jardin Arabe
Mesk el-laïl - Le Jardin Arabe

Mesk el-laïl - Le Jardin Arabe

Designed to be inserted into the electric scent diffuser, the scented cartridge Mesk el-laïl immediately fills the room with its abundant, inescapable and radiant fragrance.
Mesk el-laïl - Le Jardin Arabe

Mesk el-laïl - Le Jardin Arabe

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20 g
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An authentic walk in the heart of an arsa, Le jardin arabe magnestises with its spellbinding fragrance of night-blooming jasmine… A timeless place you never want to leave.


“A call to silence.


To letting flowers have their say and listening for the sound of their delicate fragrance. An audible appeal!” Serge Lutens



Scented cartridge are sold separately from the diffuser so each experience can be personalised. Interchangeable at any time, they conjure up a memorable olfactory journey over and over again, without leaving your home.



Storyteller, eternal dreamer, rooted explorer, Serge Lutens transports us into a world of his own making through this new AT HOME perfume collection: five memorable olfactory journeys across five houses, each reflecting a facet of his personality.





Size of the scented cartridge: 90x56x12mm


Autonomy of the scented cartridge : Up to 50 hours of use, depending on the ventilation intensity

Lifetime of a scented cartridge before opening: 24 months


Lifetime of a scented cartridge after opening: 3 months
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